1Contact us for more details on your study abroad plans. We will send you information about the requested course, location that we believe will be suitable. We will also include information about accommodation that may also be required.


We will help guide you through the decision making process and once you have made a decision on your course, we will inform you what documents will be required to complete your registration and all the steps for applying for the student visa to the country of choice.

3Request your enrollment, you will receive the letter of offer from the educational institution, specifying dates, course chosen, Quotes ​​for accommodation and health insurance.


Course Payment and ticket purchase. We have a visa specialist for Australia and New Zealand, we organize this whole process – which takes about 30 days, between medical examination, application and receipt of the visa.


Time to get excited, just pack and enjoy this fascinating adventure of studying abroad. In case of an emergency or reassurance you can count on our offices that have telephones 24 hours at your disposal. Our professional service can be counted on at all times to make your dream study abroad experience run smoothly.