Capital of the smallest Australian state – Victoria – is situated in the extreme south of Australia.


The climate of Melbourne is incredibly changeable throughout the year. The seasons are well defined and have a large contrast in temperatures between summer and winter.

During the winter, there are many overcast and rainy days, but the rain is usually light. Due to these cloudy days, the temperature hardly varies throughout the day.

In summer, although the average amount of rain recorded is identical to that of winter, the humidity is on average a little lower than in winter, since the trend is for wind to come from the north. The number of sunny days is also higher, allowing the temperature to rise significantly on drier days and can be very hot.

The climate in Melbourne is very varied but adds to the appeal of this stunning place. There are many beautiful locations in the city to enjoy the long summer days and great cafes,bars and tourist attractions on the colder winter days to stay dry and warm.


3,7 million people

Nearby Cities

Shepparton; Morwell; Ballarat; Geelong; Lorne; Port Sea; Bendigo; Dandenong; Port Campbell; Warrnambool; Foster; Mallacoota.

Exchanges To Melbourne - Australia

Melbourne is the capital and the most populated city in the state of Victoria, as well as being the second most populated urban area in Australia, after Sydney. It is one of the main financial centers of the country, as well as the Asia-Pacific region. It is ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world so you cannot go far wrong with a study abroad programme in Melbourne.

Melbourne has a really European feel to it with traditional pubs, great architecture, fascinating art scene including designated streets for street art which are home to some of the most talented artists in Australia. Melbourne is a city where you can get lost walking around the different neighbourhoods enjoying the amazing café culture, bars, live music and museums that thisincredible city is so famous for.

Melbourne is located in the great natural bay of Port Phillip, with its center situated at the northernmost point of the bay, near the Yarra River estuary. The city has a population of 4.3 million so it has the feel of a big city but still retains a more personal friendly feeling which is very special.

Melbourne is home to many of the largest and oldest national cultural institutions such as the Australian Center for Moving Image, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Melbourne Museum, the Melbourne Zoo, the National Gallery of Victoria and the Exhibition Building Real, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

If you are looking for a exchange programme in a city that oozes culture then Melbourne could well be the destination for you. Melbourne is home to incredible Universities and language schools so the level of study is very high. Melbourne is located close to the Iconic Great Ocean Road and world famous surfing beaches such as Bells Beach which is a world renowned surf location and home to a leg of the WSL World surf tour.