Located just an hour (by car) south of the capital of Queensland, Brisbane, and close to Sunshine Coast on the east coast of Australia.


Gold Coast has a humid subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers and mild winters with little rainfall. In the summer it is common the occurrence of precipitations in the form of storms and heavy rains after a period of very hot weather. The climate is amazing on the Gold Coast with hot summers that often see temperatures up to 35 ° C in the summer and winter day time temperatures rarely fall below 15 degrees.


483 thousand people

Nearby Cities

Sunshine Coast; Brisbane; Whithsundays; Surfers Paradise; Noosa Heads; Coolangatta; Tweed Heads; Rockhampton; Mackay.

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Gold Coast is a coastal city located in southeast Queensland, on the east coast of Australia. The city is 94 kilometers south of Brisbane, the state capital. It is the second most populated city in the state and the sixth most populated in the country. The Gold Coast metropolitan area stretches from Tweed Heads in the state of New South Wales and converges to Greater Brisbane, which is part of a larger urban settlement of more than 3 million people.

Although the origin of the name of the city is debatable, the name “Gold Coast” was coined by real estate investors.The Gold Coast region grew significantly after the establishment of the Surfers Paradise hotel in the late 1920s.

The city is today an important destination with its sunny subtropical climate, beaches suitable for surfing, theme parks and nightlife, which makes tourism one of its most significant industries.

The laid back lifestyle that the Gold Coast beaches offer make this a perfect location for an amazing study abroad programme. The area is also blessed with world class learning facilities stretching from the border of NSW/QLD all the way up to Brisbane, so let us guide you with regards to the best locations and schools to suit you.

The Gold Coast climate allow for year round use of the amazing beaches and the beach culture on the Gold Coast is unrivalled, Coolangatta and Snapper Rocks (Superbank) Is the home of the first leg of the WSL World surf tour. Come and study in the endless summer.