Located northeast of the Australian coast in the state of Queensland, Cairns is the gateway for the Great Barrier reef renowned world wide for its diverse marine life and incredible dive sites.


It is a tropical region, the heat reigns throughout the year, with summer immersed in storms and winter non existent. May to August is the best weather for seasons. Average in summer: 25 ° ~ 32 ° C. Average in winter: 19º ~ 26ºC. Temperature water: summer 29ºC / winter 25ºC.


130 thousand inhabitants

Nearby Cities

Port Douglas; Cooktown; Mission Beach; Townsville; Mossman; Kuranda; Mackay; Airlie Beach; Mareeba; Babinda; Bamaga.

Exchanges To Cairns - Australia

Cairns is an Australian city of the state of Queensland. It is located about 1720 km north of Brisbane and about 2500 km north of Sydney which just shows the scale of the country. Its population is more then 150 000 with this number fluctuating as Cairns is a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to many attractions, especially the Great Barrier Reef.

It has more than two million tourist visits per year. It has a tropical climate with scarce rainfall in the winter and rainy summers and can be very hot and humid.

Today Cairns is a bustling town that caters and hosts visitors from all over the world, one of the reasons it is fully set up to host you on your study abroad programme. Cairns has evolved and now has a great bar and café culture, live music scene and when you mix this in with the natural beauty of the botanic gardens, rainforest or just lazing by the lagoon there really is something for everyones taste. The vast tourism industry also make finding a job easy in this area as Cairns is a world wide visitor destination.