Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding and immense experiences for personal and professional development. LIKE GLOBAL are professionals in helping you choose the best course option to suit your individual reuirements. We have contracts with leading educational institutions in some of the most inspiring Global Cities.

Please get in touch via email and our team of professionals will provide all of the necessary information to help your study abroad dream become a reality. If you are located close to one of our offices we also offer free consultations, where our experienced team can give you all of the necessary information on the different types of locations, learning institutions and courses.

We offer courses in the following General English, Vocational courses, full University degrees, and Post Graduate and Master degrees.

By enlisting the services of Like global you are guarenteed to receive industry leading knowledge from experienced agents which takes away the administrative headache from your application process allowing you to focus on getting yourself ready for your life changing experience.


The detinations we offer have a wide variety of courses available if your focus is to improve your General English.

Check below the list of available courses.

  • General English – General English Course. (All abilities/experience catered for)
  • IELTS – Preparation for the IELTS Proficiency Exam. (Test needed if you want to study in Universities or apply for Residency)
  • Cambridge – Cambridge Proficiency Exam Preparation
  • EAP – English for Academic Purpose – Academic English
  • Business English – Business English
  • TESOL – English for those who want to teach English English for children / teens

Whatever your goal be it to improve your confidence in General English speaking or to go more deeper into English in a specific area such as business we can help you to pick a great course so that on completition you have a much greater understanding.


Studying abroad is widely regarded by prospective employers as a huge plus on your CV. Simply by studying abroad you are proving yourself to be a very independent, confident individual and in a competitve market place this can sometimes be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful job application.

To further improve your personal skill set why not delve deeply into a specific area that will enrich your CV whilst improving your employability on return to your home country. These courses are gateways straight to the job market or even to college.

There are several areas for technical courses (also called VET -Vocational Education Training).

Below is a list of the main areas where you can take these technical courses.

  • Administration
  • Computing
  • Accounting
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Graphics
  • Natural Therapies
  • Music
  • Sport

(The above bullet points are the general areas where vocational courses are offered please get in touch with our team to narrow down the the specific field you want to study in)

These courses can be anywhere from 3 months to 2 years in length And the great advantage is that it is not necessary to pay the entire course upfront to obtain the necessary document for the visa application. By enrolling in a 2-year course (which would give you a 2-year visa) the payment could be made every 6 months or as specified by some schools. All the institutions that offer these courses have excellent infrastructure and flexibility all geared to make the course afforable for students of all backgrounds.


We offer several package so you can combine  English with a Vocational course or even English + University degree, in short, we can organize the best learning experience according to your persoanl requirement and budget. Our goal at Like Global is identify the best course for you based on your skills, prior learning and goals and then offer you first class support throughout your journey so you can focus on getting the most out of this incredible experience.

Please contact us for more information about the packages available.



The advantages of studying a full University degree overseas are unquantifiable. A full degree course will allow you to delve deeply into your specific degree course whilst allowing you to immerse in a vastly different culture then you are used to in your home Country.

We have agreements with first class Universities so on signing up to do a full degree course you are guarenteed to receive excellent tuition all set in a very modern learning environment with great facilities. As an International student you will be surrounded by students from very diverse cultural backgrounds and also domestic students so it will give you a much greater understanding of the cultures of the host country.

Going to University in an English speaking country is a challenge but has huge rewards from an academic, personal and professional point of view.

A full degree achieved in a overseas Country has huge weight on a CV and makes the individual highly employable based on the added experiences gained during this experience and the effort to achieve this.