Miami is Located in the American state of Florida


In the four hottest months of the year, the average temperature is always above 28.3 ° C and in the coldest above 20 ° C. A very hot and humid location


Miami’s population is close to 399,457 inhabitants

Nearby Cities

West Miami,Orlando,Hialeah,Saint Petersburg, Cutler Bay

Exchanges To Miami - United States

Miami (pronounced in Portuguese [maiami] or [maime]) is a city located in the American state of Florida, in the county of Miami-Dade. The present town originates in a village created at the end of the 19th century, which prospered with the railroad and the port. Miami is also known for having a large community of Cuban exiles, mostly concentrated in Little Havana.

Miami is a tourist center, being one of the cities most visited by tourists in the United States, because of its year-round hot climate and its beaches. The city is one of the most frequented by snow birds (a term used to describe the inhabitants of the northern United States, who spend the winter in the southern states, especially Florida, to escape the snow and the cold). Tourism has become a major source of income for Miami since the 1920s, and is currently the main source of income for the city.  They are commonly spoken in the city, in addition to English, Spanish, due to the number of Hispanic Americans (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican and other Central American countries) living in Miami.

Miami is a very attractive destination for many International students, it has a year round hot climate that is suited to relaxing on the amazing white sand beaches, the perfect way to chill out after a week of studies. Miami is very multi cultural with Spanish being widely spoken and the food is amazing with Mexican, cuban and Puerto Rican influences. The warm climate also adds to the incredible nightlife that Miami is world renowned for. In summary Miami offers a very diverse exciting study abroad option.