To enable you to fully relax and enjoy your trip and study abroad experience, get in touch regarding Health insurance, which will cover any needs during your exchange.

Countries such as Australia and New Zealand require the purchase of compulsory health insurance for international students (OSHC). That is, all those who embark with a student visa to these countries, must have health insurance that covers the entire period of stay. This requirement is also applied to family members who are included as dependents on your visa application.

The OSHC helps to cover the costs of any medical consultations and examinations and hospital care during the period of your studies in the countries. It also contributes a share in the cost of many prescription medications as well as in ambulance transportation if needed.

At Like Global we work with world leading partners in Health insurance and on your behalf have negotiated preferential rates that are only available via our team of experts. For more information or to purchase your international Health  Insurance, please contact one of our consultants and we will happily offer you a very competitive quote.