At Like Global we specilise in applying for all student visas, that will allow you to enter and stay in a country to study for the duration of your course.

There are exchange programs available for a variety of purposes, such as learning English, taking vocational courses or even studying at a university degree level abroad

Countries such as Australia and New Zealand have incredibly flexible structures in place that make studying very accessible. Classes start every week and the student can choose the number of weeks to study. Noting that by taking a course lasting from 14 weeks or more, the student will be issued a student visa and can work legally in Australia and New Zealand for up to 20 hours a week.

In New Zealand, this rule for work permit is valid for students enrolled in category 1 schools. For category 2 schools, students must take a course of at least 24 weeks and have intermediate English level.

Like Global English programs, Like Global, works with many other options for university courses, such as postgraduate and doctorate. It also offers options for English courses for those who need to prepare for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad, such as IELTS preparatory course, Cambridge prep and English for Academic Purposes.

Get in touch with one of our consultants for more information, and we will happily discuss all of the requirements including necessary documentation needed to enter the country with the student visa.