Cambridge is a Historic university town located in the South East of England.


The Climate of Cambridge is generally dry and mild by UK  standards and the The region is among the driest in the United Kingdom. Cambridge is warmer then cities in the North of the Country but winters can get cold. Summers in Cambridge can be very pleasant with lots of daylight and on sunny days the parks and banks of the river will be packed with locals, tourists and International students.


More then 120,000 inhabitants. This number will change due to the seasonality of tourism and influx of Intenational students.

Nearby Cities

London,Peterborough,Milton Keynes

Cambridge Exchanges – England

Cambridge is a famous University town in the United Kingdom, located in the eastern part of the country. The town is only a short one hour train ride to London as well which is only 80 km away which is an amazing benefit of this incredible city.

Cambridge has a world wide reputation as one of the leading University Cities anywhere in the world and the Universities, colleges and English schools here are sceond to none. Cambridge is a beautiful small city with stunning architecture and history wherever you look.

The size of the city is a big appeal to lots of International students because it makes it easy to initially settle in and meeting friendship groups is simple. The most common transportation in Cambridge is by bike, all International students get around on bikes and its by far the quickest and easiest way to travel between lectures, accommodation and social events. There are great bike routes alongside the river cam which are particularly beautiful. Cambridge is also home to Punting which is a traditional way to cruise down the river and is an amazing way to spend an afternoon on a warm summers day.

Cambridge is a truly inspiring city to study at and if you are looking at a city steeped in history where you will be surrounded by International students from all over the world then Cambridge could be for you.

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