Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding and immense experiences for personal and professional development.

LIKE GLOBAL  are professionals in helping you make the correct choice at this exciting time.

We have established links with first class educational Institutions around the world ensuring that we can find you the correct course and location to suit your needs perfectly.

Arrange a free appointment today to start your journey, we can assist with English courses, Vocational courses. University degrees as well as Graduate and Master degrees.

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In each destination we offer a wide variety of courses to assist in improving your English language skills. Check below the list of available courses.

  • General English – General English Course.
  • IELTS – Preparation for the IELTS Proficiency Exam. (Test required if you want to study in Universities or apply for Resident Visa)
  • Cambridge – Cambridge Proficiency Exam Preparation
  • EAP – English for Academic Purpose – Academic English
  • Business English – Business English
  • TESOL – English for those who want to teach English as a foreign language
  • English for children / adolescents



Choose a vocational course to study which will earn you the competitive edge in the market place for jobs by enriching your CV. Vocational courses can also be used as a pathway to a higher education

We have a huge range of vocational courses available to suit all career and personal development requirements. Below is a list of the main sectors that we have vocational courses catered for. If you have an interest in another field please do not hesitate to ask.

Natural Therapies

These courses are flexible which can be from 3 months to 2 years in length. The great advantage is that it is not necessary to pay the entire course upfront to obtain the necessary documentation for the visa application. For example By enrolling in a 2-year course (which would give you a 2-year visa) the payment could be made every 6 months or as specified by some schools (We always endeavor to make the finances more achievable for our clients with structured installment plans)

We have built relationships and contracts with the best Institutions so you can be confident you will be studying within a very professional setting to help you achieve your study abroad goals.



Existem vários pacotes que podem ser INGLÊS + CURSO TÉCNICO ou mesmo INGLÊS + UNIVERSIDADE, enfim, podemos organizar a melhor situação conforme o seu desejo ou orçamento.

Entre em contato conosco para maiores informações.



As vantagens de estudar em uma universidade no exterioro são infinitas. Desenvolvimento do potencial em um ambiente de estudo criativo, flexível, com total infra-estrutura e obter uma qualificação de reconhecimento internacional que abrirá as portas para o seu futuro. Ir para a universidade em um país que fala inglês é um desafio e um prêmio do ponto de vista acadêmico, pessoal e profissional.