Ireland’s third largest city has emerged as an island and now extends to the two banks of the Lee River, with canals running under some of its main streets.


The climate of Cork is quite pleasant with cool summers and modest winters. Its average temperature during the winter is 9 ° C and 20 ° C in the hottest summer months. The highest temperature recorded in Cork was 29 ° C and the lowest temperature was -9 ° C. The beauty of the weather in Cork is when the sun is out in the summer months people flock to the outdoor bars, parks for BBQ’s and really enjoy the long summer days.


119 thousand inhabitants

Nearby Cities

Limerick, Waterfood, Annis, Galway, Tallaght, Bray, Dublin, Laoghaire,Nava, Swords, Drogheda, Dundalk.

Study abroad Cork - Ireland

Cork is an important educational center in Ireland and home to some of its best Universities and English schools, this means Cork during term time is packed full of domestic and International students which creates a great vibrant atmosphere.

Cork is a great study abroad option due to its relative affordability compared to some of the bigger European cities. This is something that should be considered when weighing up your options. Study abroad can initially be a daunting prospect but with Corks famous friendly welcome and also the reassurance that this is one of the safest cities in Europe make this a great option. Cork stands alone as a beautiful city with amazing architecture including medieval castles, cathedrals and forts which is mesmirising for many International students.

Cork is also very close to some of the most stunning scenery in Ireland all within a 3 hour car journey in each direction so weekend exploration after studies are common place with International students. Cork has the convenience of an airport only 10km away that offers a number of domestic and international flights so it’s a great opportunity as an International student to visit some of the most incredible European cities as well.

There are also a large number of foreign students, especially from countries where Cork’s sister cities are located. The largest number of foreign students come from China, particularly from Shanghai. This is due to the student exchange programs of Chinese universities in this country. Other foreigners come from Poland, India, countries of America, Latvia, France, Germany and UK. The influx of International students to this beautiful city help to add to what is already an incredibly welcoming vibrant place. The beauty of the city along with the culture make this an incredibly inspiring place to study.