Located on the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada


Climate Temperatures can reach -20 ° C in winter and 35 ° C in summer which makes this such an intriguing Country for a study abroad programme as there is such vast change in the seasons and the different activities you can do at different times of year.


More than 2.3 million people

Cidades Vizinhas

West Vancouver, Bowen Island, Lions Bay, Squamish, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock, Langley (Fort Langley), Abbotsford, Blaine

Exchanges To Vancouver - Canada

Vancouver in the original English spelling, Vancouver in Portuguese, is a coastal city located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. The name of the city comes from the British captain George Vancouver, who explored the area in the 1790s.. According to the 2011 census, Vancouver had a population of just over 603,502 inhabitants and its Metropolitan Census Area exceeds 2,313,328 million people.

The Port of Vancouver is the largest and busiest in Canada, as well as the fourth largest port in North America. The timber industry remains its largest source of income, but Vancouver is also known as an urban center surrounded by nature, making tourism its second largest industry. Vancouver is a stunning cosmopolitan city right on the edge of nature. This creates the perfect setting for students looking to study at world class learning centres whilst always being in touching distance of outdoor adventure whatever the season.

Vancouver is also the third largest film production center in North America after Los Angeles and New York, earning the nickname “Hollywood of the North.” Vancouver has been ranked as “the most livable city” in the world for over a decade, according to reviews from business magazines. This again highlights why it is such an attractive destination to study due to the city offering such an incredible lifestyle.

If you are interested in studying abroad and have a passion for everything outdoors such as hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding and surfing then look no further then Canda and Vancouver as this will be paradise for you. Get in touch to find out more information and how w can make your study abroad dream come true.